1. I'm a self-taught musician


2. I'm a plant-based eater

My protein is greens & beans, my "cheese" is nuts, and my "why?" is compassion.

3. I have seven tattoos

Song lyrics and symbols, mainly.

4. Favorite TV shows?

The Office (U.K.), House M.D., and Frasier

5. I was a D1 athlete

I played center midfield and sweeper for the Penn Quakers (a mascot for the ages).

6. I'm in long-term recovery

Today, I live a completely sober life and my existence is wonderful-beyond-wonderful.

7. I help produce a podcast

It's called TheProcess.Ink, hosted by the thoughtful and talented Tom Benedek.

8. Favorite Movies?

Once, Jerry Maguire, American Beauty, Runaway Bride and The Truman Show

9. If I could be anywhere at anytime...

Glen Lake, early August. Nothing beats Summer in northern Michigan. #nofilter